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Showcase Your Corporate Events Proudly

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Showcase Your Corporate Events Proudly

“Pics or it didn’t happen!” This new age mantra applies not only to Saturday night parties but also to corporate events. After all, how would you be able to tell people that you just organised a conference with the industry’s top thinkers if you didn’t have photographs of it? Now, with everyone carrying at least one smartphone, taking photographs is easy but to take good photographs what you need is someone who specialises in corporate event photography. Think about it- what would you rather have- a set of blurry photographs from which one or two may be good enough to put on your website or a whole set of well-framed photographs you could showcase?

Why Corporate Event Photography?

These photographs can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, there’s your website which acts as a window to your organisation. Website design trends today are moving towards more imagery and less text. Thus good photographs are essential to tell your audience about what services you offer, about your team and organisation’s vision and about all your projects. Low-quality imagery can put people off from browsing through your website while good photographs will have the opposite effect.

You also need photographs for your press releases, corporate brochures, and promotional emails. This helps build trust in your brand name and makes people feel included in your events. Updating the photographs being used in your brochures from time to time keeps your brand from seeming dated and encourages people to read it even if they know about you already. Sending out an email with photographs of the speakers at your last general meeting is usually much more effective than an email with a paragraph of text about the same.

Stock Photos vs Professional Photography

The alternative to hiring a photographer is to buy stock imagery. While you should have no complaint with quality and quantity here, you will not get ownership of the photographs and your competitors are free to use to same photographs on their websites. Stock photographs also have a tendency to look anonymous. At a time when people interact more with a website than with the people behind it, seeing two websites with the same photographs does not help generate trust in either of them and thus stock imagery can actually harm you.

So think of professional photography not as merely a way of making sure you look good but as an investment towards building trust in your brand and promoting your company.