How Does Advertisement Photography Work?

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How Does Advertisement Photography Work?

A potential customer’s first interaction with your brand is typically through an advertisement. There are two parts to every advertisement; the copy and the photograph. No matter how great the headline and the copy of the advertisement are; it is the photograph that grabs the attention of the viewer and the image that is left behind in his mind. Hence, if you want a powerful advertisement for your brand, you must work with someone who specialises in advertising photography like C1 Media.

The first step to having a great advertisement is to develop a clear idea of what you need your advertisement to say. This brief should be as crisp as possible and the photographer must be left with no doubts as to what the photograph should say. Large firms may send an art director to work with the photographer on the shoot while others who have a more limited budget leave the shoot to the photographer’s discretion and rely on him to capture the right photograph on the basis of the brief given. Hence it is safe to say that the better your brief, the more effective a photograph will be.

Once the brief has been given a target, shoot date must be finalised. On the basis of this date other logistical factors such as actors, props, costumes etc. will need to be arranged. For out of town shoots with models, you will also need to arrange for their accommodation and transport. This can be a lot to handle and hence C1 Photography offers end to end service which includes location or studio hiring, catering, models, makeup, and hair as well as image retouching.

Merely taking a good photograph is not the end of a photographer’s job. Images that have been photographed must now go into post-production where they will be cleaned of any distracting elements and photoshopped to tweak lighting, shadows and make parts of the photograph stand out from the rest. Thus, taking a photograph for an advertisement is not child’s play and best left to the experts.