How to get the perfect headshot

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How to get the perfect headshot

People often find it easier to trust and communicate with a person once they know what they look like. For this reason, companies prefer to showcase pictures of their team leaders and management on their website’s information and team pages. The tone set in these business headshots says a lot about the company culture and play a crucial role in creating a good first impression. Hence, cropped photographs are avoidable and it is a good idea to work with professional photographers like C1 Photography. Once you have an appointment with the right photographer, here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot.

Wear something smart and simple

Graphic T shirts are probably the worst outfit to take a corporate photograph in. Instead wear a top or shirt that fits you well and makes you feel confident. Even though a headshot may not capture your complete outfit, what you wear affects the confidence and attitude seen on your face. Plain shirts are also preferred as compared to stripes or patterns as these may not look good on camera. When it comes to colour, avoid black and white and pick mid tones that suit all skin types and look good onscreen.

Fight the shine

Photographers often use professional lights to get an even light tone for all photographs. However, these lights can highlight oiliness on your skin. Hence, splash some water on your face before having your photograph taken. Women may also choose to wear a little concealer or foundation. When it comes to makeup for women, avoid going overboard and try sticking to a natural look. Pay special attention to your lipstick and ensure that it is not too bold.

Talk to your photographer

In an age of selfies, almost everyone knows which side of their face photographs better. Sharing this with your photographer will make his job easier and increase the chances of your liking the photograph. Similarly, if there is something you are self-conscious about or do not like, talk to your photographer about it.

Think of something funny

Your smile is one of the most important elements of a headshot. A forced smile looks unnatural and uncomfortable. Hence, to get a photograph that you like, don’t wait for the photographer to tell you to smile but try and think of something funny that makes you smile naturally. This way, your smile will be seen not only on your lips but also in your eyes.