3 Reasons You Need A Corporate Video

In this digital world, it is good to have a corporate video not only for large multinationals but for companies of all sizes & types.  Corporate videos are of many types. It ranges from internal training and safety videos for staff members to promotional short films to be viewed by potential partners and investors. Some corporate videos can also serve as advertorial films. If you are interested in making a corporate video, C1Media can work with your creative team’s direction or take on the project as a whole right from the brainstorming stage. If you haven’t included a corporate video in your marketing strategy yet, here are three reasons you should think about it.

Great way to showcase your company

Videos are easy to understand and provide a quick snapshot of your company ethos and product offerings. A sixty second video can quickly give the viewer all the information he or she needs about your company in an attractive way that is easy to register and remember. With most people using smart phones to surf the internet and visit websites, reading a lot of information becomes difficult as compared to watching a video. Thus, people are more likely to watch a video on your home page rather than read through a lot of text. This encourages visitors to spend more time on your website.

Increasing Visibility

Apart from your website, a corporate video can also be uploaded to your social media accounts and video sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo. This makes your brand more visible to people and gives you access to a wider audience. Videos are also easy to share on social media without you having to put in any additional resources. Thus, in the long run, corporate videos are cost effective and offer a high return on your investment.

Helping your client relate to you

When you partner with C1Media, we work within the parameters of your brand guidelines to ensure that the video is akin to the voice of your company. A good video engages the audience while putting your key objectives across and helps build trust in a brand name. This is because, when potential clients or partners see a corporate video, they gain an understanding of how the company functions and the people behind it.