Three Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Team Headshots

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Three Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Team Headshots

When a potential client walks into an office, how your employees look and project themselves determines the client’s first impression of your company. In the internet age, when a potential client visits your website, photographs of your team play the same role. Your team page not only lists people in important positions but also speaks of your company ethos. We at C1Media believe that professionally taken business headshots symbolize competence, respectability and reliability. Here are a few more reasons you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your team page photographs.

Photographs say more than text

At C1Media, we think that an unclear photograph puts people off. Selfies might be great for Facebook but on a corporate website can leave the visitor with the impression that you do not take yourself seriously. These pictures do not encourage the viewer to read the accompanying text. Thus, even though the bio may place the person as an expert in their field, a casual photograph will keep him or her from being taken seriously.

Clients prefer dealing with people who they recognize

It is an old but true cliché that a company is only as good as its people. Thus when potential clients come to you, they want to know the people they will be working with. Face to face meetings may not always be possible and hence photographs of your team give a ‘face’ to your company. Just as you wouldn’t go to meet a potential client in a T-shirt and shorts, you wouldn’t want your team page to look unprofessional. It is easy to recognize a website with generic photographs and such websites do not create a trustworthy impression. Today, no matter how well designed your logo may be and how many accolades you may have won, potential clients always want to know the people who they will be in direct or indirect contact with.

Your PR team will thank you

Marketing a brand takes many forms including interviews, press releases and articles in newspapers and business magazines. In almost all such cases, a photograph of the person whose views are represented is required along with the article. For many people reading an article will be their first interaction with your company and hence it is important to use the right photograph. When you have a bank of professional photographs, your PR team can easily pick the most appropriate photograph that matches the tone of the article.

Think perfect business headshots, think us. The experts at C1Media can help you get the best headshots.