Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits

We frequently shoot business portraits for our corporate clients. Sometimes these are classic ‘corporate headshots’ for websites or annual reports and sometimes we go for more natural ‘environmental portraits’ showing people in their everyday work surroundings.

ASUsually our clients prefer portraits done at their offices or we often shoot large teams at events or conferences. Typically we’d set up a temporary photography studio with background and lighting etc in a meeting room and people would be given time slots. Even though it may only take thirty seconds to get the shot for our photographer, we’d normally recommend 5 minute slots for each person. It allows for the inevitable early / late arrivals and gives enough spacing between people so that the subject can be the only person in the room if they want to be. That way, we can also take the time to put the person at ease without them feeling self-conscious in front of colleagues.

We work hard to ensure that our business portraits are fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. We would normally shoot a range of expressions including some neutral shots; after all, it’s not always good form to send out the investor news press releases accompanied by an image of a happy, smiling CEO!

When shooting the environmental portraits we also pay attention to the small details. For example, we discuss things like PPE in advance and then check (and double-check) with the subject on the day that they are wearing the correct protective equipment or lifting in the appropriate way etc. The last thing we want to do is produce images which look good on the day but are unusable afterwards.